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Языковые курсы

Достар, барлық жақсылық сіздер үшін! Оралхан Бөкей атындағы орталық қалалық кітапханада компьютерде жұмыс істеуге машықтандыру курстарына, шетел тілдерін үйрету курстарына, шығармашылық шеберханасына және түрлі бағыттағы клубтарға қатысуға шақырамыз! Сіздер үшін бәрі ТЕГІН:
- ағылшын тілінде ауызекі сөйлеуге үйрету курстары. Әр аптаның сейсенбі, бейсенбі, сенбі күндері, сағат 17.00. Тел: (87081064381, 8(7232) 25-17-79;
- француз тілі, әр аптаның сәрсенбі, жұма күндері, сағат 16.00. (87770626358, 8(7232) 251770);
- иврит (еврей) тілі, әр аптаның бейсенбісі күні, сағат 16.00 ( 87776214457, 8(7232) 251770); Друзья! Приглашаем вас на БЕСПЛАТНЫЕ языковые курсы:
- английский разговорный для взрослых: среда, пятница в 17.00. +7(708)1064381, 8(7232) 25-17-79;
- французский для начинающих: среда, пятницам в 16.00. +7(777)0626358, 8(7232) 251770;
- иврит для всех:  каждый четверг в 10.00, +7(777)6214457,  8(7232) 251770.  



2019 жылы, қазанның 1-жұлдызынан бастап Оралхан Бөкей атындағы орталық қалалық кітапханада (Е.П.Славский атындағы Ертіс жағалауы, 22) «БуМАГИЯ» шығармашылық шеберханасы өз жұмысын бастайды. Егер қағаздың «сиқырлы қасиеттерін» білгілеріңіз келсе, шеберханаға келіңіздер! Дарынды шебермен бірге PAPERKRAFT қағазымен көңіліңіз қалаған бейнелерді жасап, керемет қызықтарға куә боласыздар! Сонымен, Сіздерді әр аптаның демалыс күндері сағат 16:00-де шеберханамызда күтеміз! С 1 октября 2019г. в Центральной городской библиотеке имени Оралхана Бокея (Наб. Иртыша им. Е.П.Славского, 22) начинает работу творческая мастерская «БуМАГИЯ». Если вы хотите освоить необычные техники работы с бумагой PAPERKRAFT, МОДУЛЬНОЕ ОРИГАМИ, приходите к нам в выходные дни в 16.00 часов. Ждем всех желающих!    


Clubs by interests in the libraries

The library today is a modern, diversified intellect center of information, it is not only a place for receiving information, but it is a center of communication, where we create the favorable conditions for conducting substantive leisure time.

In our libraries different clubs by interests are working. They cover all age groups of our readers. The objectives of the clubs are — the full development of personality, creation of information culture.
The club is a voluntary unit of people on the base of common purposes, interests and aims. It is a place for social contacts. The main feature of clubs is the existence of category of people with whom we are working during the period of time.
The popularity and viability of clubs are determined not by special theme or super problem, but by atmosphere, prevailing here. Informal communication is very useful for people. They receive the information about new books, magazines, change their experience, give advices and find the like-minds and friends.
The library often organizes such clubs, controlling their activity and giving them assistance.
Club allows the libraries to spread their influence on those who are not the readers, but  live in the district, that is served by library branch.
Reading clubs often unit certain age and social categories of visitors or groups of people with established interests.
We are opened for new suggestions, ideas and meetings.

Local study

«Звено Алтая» club

East Kazakhstan literary section «Zveno Altaya»

The aim of the club: association of writers, popularization of regional literature, supporting of Russian language, involving readers in the library.
The objective of the club:
1. To increase the regional writers interest to the books, reading and library. 
2. To revive the prestige of reading.
3. To stimulate initiatives and creation of authors.
4. To promote among population a positive image of the library as information and cultural center.
Members of the club: writers and poets of East Kazakhstan.

«Шабыт» club (1999)

School of young akyns «Shabyt» was organized on the initiative of a famous poet S. Gabdullin, the member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. For many years he was its creative leader. School aims to unite the young people who make their first steps in literature and help them in creative capacity.

The aims of the club:
- acquaintance with the best samples of literary creation;
- conducting meetings with famous poets, writers, journalists and editors;
- development of skills of literature analyses;
- help to young authors in publishing of their works;
- organization of creative competitions for young writers.

Beekeepers club

The aim of the club: promoting modern methods in beekeeping, sharing of experience in using innovating methods in production and processing of honey products, change of experience in beekeeping.
The objective of the club: associating of people who are interested in beekeeping.
2. Civics education.
3.Organization of information support of  beekeeping in the East Kazakhstan.
4.Conducting thematic presentations and book exhibitions.
Members of the club: the readers of the library who are going start being a beekeeper.

Section «Reading»

The aim of the section: training cultural, emotional speech, which  allows to express the thoughts and feelings easily, formation of educational interests as the base of training activity.

The objectives of section:
1. Encourage reading, as a kind of art.
2.  Encourage art taste.
3. Teach to recognize mutual links between literature and other kinds of art primarily with music and fine arts.
4. Form need to communication with literature.
5. Form positive moral stateв, inner life and spiritual culture,
Members of section: students, youth, pupils.

«Club of antique enthusiasts»

The aim of the club: The detailed introduction of citizens into the history of our town.
The objectives of the club:
1. Assistance in fostering civics in young generation.
2. Upbringing the interest to the history of our region, pride in their past.
3. Respect to traditions, culture of our parents.
Members of the club: readers of the library.
Head of the club: Plakhottin Nikolay Danilovich, Doctor of  Philosophy, Professor.

Central Municipal library

«Сенполия» club

Club of amateurs of windows violets «Saintpaulia» brought together the representatives of different ages and professions.
Club meetings are held twice a month. The members are introduced in the most interested articles from magazines and internet resources about cultivation of Saintpaulia, specificities of rooting of different sorts, pests and diseases of plants, new sorts and etc
One of the important directions of work is organization and arranging exhibitions. They take place traditionally in Spring (in the first half of April) and in Autumn (in the second half of October). Every exhibition, where more than 400 sorts of violets are exposed  is some kind of outcome of club work.

Central Children’s Library

Club «Читайка» (2008)

The aim of the school: to increase intellectual development of kids through development of love to the best books for children.
The objective:
1. Promoting of creativity of children as the readers.
2. Promoting a deep reading comprehension of kids.
3. Promoting the culture of reading and careful attitude for books.
Members of school: children from 5 to 8 years.
Slogan of school: «Drop everything - and read!»

Club «Айголек» (1999)

The aim of the club: involvement of children in reading, creation of conditions for affirmation of creativity.
The objective:
1. Development of cognitive interests of children through reading.
2. Promoting the culture of reading and careful attitude for books.
3. Promoting sustain interest of pupils to reading and conducting leisure in the library.
Members of the club: children from 10 to 12 years.

Library branch №1

Club «Aruzhan» (1996)

Women’s club «Aruzhan»

Club aims: to create a space for development, creativity, self-improvement and self-knowledge; organize the balance and harmony in life.

Club tasks:
1. Disclosure the best features of human personality - kindness, love, nobility, patriotism through communication, acquaintance with the best works of domestic and foreign literature, the most interesting publications from the periodical press.
2. Give intellectual and spiritual experience to the younger generation, through the implementation of educational programs, various information and educational work - meetings with interesting people, business games, trainings,and reading conferences.

Participants: library users

Club slogan:
Famous slogan-simple one
Do not stay – play the dream
It is only beginning of our life
Don’t waste time, go ahead

Library branch № 2

Club «Otrada»

Gardening lovers’ club «Otrada»

Club aims: Creation of conditions for versatile communication on interests, sharing of knowledge and experience between amateur gardeners.
Club tasks:
1. Expansion of possibilities provided by the library, for self-realization of users, for the development of aesthetic taste.
2. Organization of cultural and leisure activities to promote  books and reading.
3. Enhancing the environmental culture
Participants: library users
Slogan: «as a man sows, so shall he reap»

Library branch № 4

Club «Ogonek»

Science club «Ogonek»

Club aims: to create a group to develop art and reading skills

Club tasks:
1. to organize cultural time for older people
2. to unit people with a common interest
3. to create a friendly atmosphere

Participants: library users, local people

Event forms: presentations, conferences and meetings with special guests, drama and theater plays.

Club «Atameken»

Kids’ patriotic club «Atameken»

Club aims: to develop patriotic views in kids

Club tasks:
1. to conduct cultural and educational work with the civil-patriotic orientation of the club.
2. to involve children in active, creative activities, as well as encouraging a creative approach to any activity, attention to the individual abilities and capabilities of the child.
3. to organize joint activities in such a way that its meaning becomes personally significant for participants

Participants: students of schools #16,20,32

Club «Elegy»

Musical club «Elegy»

Club aims: to develop the art of local writers and composers

Club tasks:
1. Formation and preservation of moral, cultural and literary traditions of East Kazakhstan and the city Ust-Kamenogorsk.
2. Preparation and holding  cultural events, festivals, competitions.
3. Satisfaction of the individual's needs in the field of cultural development.
Presenter: Anikin Boris Petrovich, writer, the member of  Russia Writers Unit

Library branch № 5

Сlub «Ak zhelken» (2011)

Kids’ science club «Ak zhelken»

Сlub aims: to develop interest in reading fiction and scientific books, to develop intellectual and emotional skills

Club taks:
1. Attracting children of secondary school age to active reading.
2. Expansion of the reader's views
3.Organization creative literary process.
4.Provitie love to mother tongue.
5. Forming the needs of children of secondary school age in constant communication with the book.

Participants: Kids 10-12

Club slogan: I want to know all.

Presenter: Botagoz Muratkhanova, #15 secondary school teacher

Library branch № 8

Сlub «Shamshyrak»

Club «Shamshyrak»

Club aims: To educate the students the culture of reading and love the book.
Club tasks:
1. Development of children's curiosity and interest in reading, creative and cognitive abilities of children.
2. Involvement to the world of book lovers.
3. Leisure activities in the library.
Participants: kids 7-12

Сluv «Alash»

Patriotic cluv «Alash»

Club aims: Education  patriots of Kazakhstan, citizens of the legal Democratic state with a sense of national pride, civic virtue, love for the Fatherland.
Club tasks:
1. To transfer to the younger generation the wealth that is defined by the words «historical heritage», to teach them to cherish them.
2. To communicate to reading, to the native word, to the history and modern life of the country.
3.  To increase love and respect for the nature of their land.
Participants: teens 12-17

Library branch № 10

Сlub «Asyl Mura» (2007)

Kids’ club «Asyl Mura»

Club aim is to educate children in the context of their native culture, language, as the natural emotional environment of the child.

Club tasks:
1.Presenting to children the best examples of fiction.
2.Education of children through fairy tales.
3.Development of the abilities of the readers: speech, thinking, fantasy, creativity.
4. Excitement of children's interest in reading, help in forming readers' interests and preferences.

Participants of the club: kids 6-12 years.

Forms of events: discussions, competitions, an hour of poetry, excursions, patriotic lessons, games, quizzes.

Сlub «Conversation partner»

Intellectual club «Conversation partner»

Club aim is the organization of cultural leisure for the people of the older generation with common interests and hobbies, creating a benevolent atmosphere for intellectual and spiritual communication.

Club tasks:
1. Combining like-minded people to meet the needs for interpersonal communication.
2. The message to the sources of the world and national culture, the book, reading, the organization of women's communication.
3. Preparation and conduct of complex events that create conditions for the cultural development of club members identify and develop their creative potential.

Club members: library readers.

Forms of events: historical cognitive hours, talks about a healthy lifestyle, holidays, gatherings, hours of useful advice.







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