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Bolshoy Street, Kirova

Up to 1930 it is called Bolshaya. Its name fully matched itself as it was the biggest, the straightest and the most crowded street of that times. Just this street was the first to be paved and later asphalted. Just here city’s festive actions as New Year masquerade to be occurred. This street was built with the biggest and the most luxury apartments of the city owned by manufacturers Menovschikov and Kasatkin, traders Semenov and Kurochkin.
At the beginning of the street the house of political exile Mikhaelis was situated. Nobility sobranie was next to it, then went Mariyin woman’s college( exhibition hall of ethnographic museum today), Pokrovsky Cathedral and various shops. In 1909-11 “Echo” cinema theatre was set up. In 1908-1911 enterpriser Kosturin bought a building later to be a cinema theatre “Oktyabr”(now – “Echo”). In 1918 during uncalm times street was the home of Red Army Squads Spot.
In 1934, Kazakhstan saw a bumper harvest. Raininess, unpreparedness of kolkhozes, sovkhozes and machine and tractor stations would make the country stand in jeopardy of losing its record harvest. Many people arrived in republic in order to help Kazakh people to take the crop. Sergey Kirov was among them. Three days of his trip were devoted to Eastern Kazakhstan. He visited the villages of Shemonaikha, Vidrikha, Gerasimovka, Ukrainka and more others just to see their agriculturists.

After his death, Bolshaya street was renamed into Kirova. Ancient two-storied building of oblast executive is considered as historical monument for Kirov who took the floor from its balcony in 1934. While his speech, he recommended the city’s authorities to move bazaar from downtown to outskirts. According to him, they would have a park to be laid there. His wish had been done and park was laid on the territory of Soborny and Bazaar squares.








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