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Beregovaya, Naberejnaya Krasnykh Orlov Street( Enbankment of Red Eagles)

In night of 29th to 30th June 1919, in Ust-Kamenogorsky prison, where a place for politicals which were brought together from all Western Siberia, revolt occurred. Kudinov, Bespalov, Buryagin headed the revolt. Getting prison guards disarmed, inmates captured an armoury and took guns and ammunition. And, then rebellions didn’t realize what they would do then. Some offered to sail down by Irtysh on steamer, others insisted on taking the city with further riots in uyezd (then-administrative unit in Russian Empire). Meanwhile, white cossacks marshalled their forces and surrounded the fortress. After clash of arms, many of red rebellions took the plunge to swim across. Many of them were drowned while swimming. Only a few survived: Timofeyev and Goncharenko. Being injured while swimming, Bespalov was rescued by his mother and sister. Unfortunately, he was killed on his way back to home by Whites on his mother’s hands. The Whites did not allowed to tomb the heroes as accepted. The dead were earthed at the Irtysh’s bank. In winter of 1920, their bones were transferred into mass grave. In memory of this event Beregovaya street was renamed into Naberezhnaya Krasnykh Orlov Street. Near the bridge there is a big stone; one day people was going to set up a memorial here.








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