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Troitskaya street, now named after Karl Liebnecht

Troitskaya street is the oldest street in the city. It rose from Irtysh and lied along Ulba. At one time, the richest of the town was building their houses in this street. For instance, manufacturers Valitovs owned golds in Tayinty and droves of horses outside the town. Another city’s notable personality, enterpriser Menovschikov possessed diggings in Kurchum and Maykapchagay. Nowadays his apartments have been transformed into the museum of Arts. Valitovs’ house is now a residence for Altaic Geological Department. At the corner by Valitov’s house there was a wooden mosque, so Mechetsky lane arose from this name. (Mosque is “mechet” in Russian). After revolution Mechetsky turned Liebnecht. There was a muslim school by the mosque. Merchant Krivosheyin, salesmen Shilyaev and Serov, owners of fur coat workshops Maltsev and Pakharukov, even priesthood had pretty good houses in the street. In 1914, at the corner with Krepostnoy lane (now – Kirova street) building for woman’s first gymnasium was built. In 1919, the same building of gymnasium sheltered the second turn of uchilische, the students of which had the knowledge no less than their secondary school’s mates. After revolution building was used as mean for people’s education. In the 40-50-ies there were centenary school after Krylov and 60-ies library and sports school in the building. Now building is knocked down.
Before the revolution future editor-in-chief of “The Voice of Altai” Kuratov rented one of the houses on the left side of the street. In 1920 street was renamed as Karl Liebnecht street. Now rest of the street is still placed between Krylova and Gorky street.








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