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Языковые курсы

Достар, барлық жақсылық сіздер үшін! Оралхан Бөкей атындағы орталық қалалық кітапханада компьютерде жұмыс істеуге машықтандыру курстарына, шетел тілдерін үйрету курстарына, шығармашылық шеберханасына және түрлі бағыттағы клубтарға қатысуға шақырамыз! Сіздер үшін бәрі ТЕГІН:
- ағылшын тілінде ауызекі сөйлеуге үйрету курстары. Әр аптаның сейсенбі, бейсенбі, сенбі күндері, сағат 17.00. Тел: (87081064381, 8(7232) 25-17-79;
- француз тілі, әр аптаның сәрсенбі, жұма күндері, сағат 16.00. (87770626358, 8(7232) 251770);
- иврит (еврей) тілі, әр аптаның бейсенбісі күні, сағат 16.00 ( 87776214457, 8(7232) 251770); Друзья! Приглашаем вас на БЕСПЛАТНЫЕ языковые курсы:
- английский разговорный для взрослых: среда, пятница в 17.00. +7(708)1064381, 8(7232) 25-17-79;
- французский для начинающих: среда, пятницам в 16.00. +7(777)0626358, 8(7232) 251770;
- иврит для всех:  каждый четверг в 10.00, +7(777)6214457,  8(7232) 251770.  



2019 жылы, қазанның 1-жұлдызынан бастап Оралхан Бөкей атындағы орталық қалалық кітапханада (Е.П.Славский атындағы Ертіс жағалауы, 22) «БуМАГИЯ» шығармашылық шеберханасы өз жұмысын бастайды. Егер қағаздың «сиқырлы қасиеттерін» білгілеріңіз келсе, шеберханаға келіңіздер! Дарынды шебермен бірге PAPERKRAFT қағазымен көңіліңіз қалаған бейнелерді жасап, керемет қызықтарға куә боласыздар! Сонымен, Сіздерді әр аптаның демалыс күндері сағат 16:00-де шеберханамызда күтеміз! С 1 октября 2019г. в Центральной городской библиотеке имени Оралхана Бокея (Наб. Иртыша им. Е.П.Славского, 22) начинает работу творческая мастерская «БуМАГИЯ». Если вы хотите освоить необычные техники работы с бумагой PAPERKRAFT, МОДУЛЬНОЕ ОРИГАМИ, приходите к нам в выходные дни в 16.00 часов. Ждем всех желающих!    


History of the newspaper line

* * *

Grow up honest, courageous, convinced

Literature review

"... Much is being done in our country for the happiness of children ... And books, newspapers, magazines, produced especially for children! 166 children's newspapers, 71 journals, three thousand books published annually by publishers in almost 50 million copies, can quench the spiritual thirst of children of all ages ....But the main concern was and remains the concern for the moral health of children.... The books about which this will be addressed are precisely this goal - to teach children to understand, appreciate and create the beautiful; How to cultivate diligence in them, to cultivate diligence, selfless devotion to the Motherland, ideas of communism ... ". Next, we are talking about books: Zyuzyukina NI "People, I'm Growth", Gamayunov I. "Where is your house, man?", Pint AO "This is for you, parents," a collection of "Education of a citizen."

G. Popova, librarian of the city library No. 14 // Altai builder. - 1979. - No. 45, 46, 47.

* * *

Teenager: its yesterday, today, tomorrow

(Review of works by Albert Likhanov)

"The prose of Albert Likhanov attracts with his humanistic orientation, the height of moral demands for young and adult heroes, a keen sense of the connection of times ...".Then we are talking about works: "Pure stones", "Labyrinth", "Deception", "My General", "Winged Mountains", "Music", "Solar eclipse".

G. Popova, librarian of the city library No. 14 // Altai builder.- 1979

* * *

In memory of the writer

With the creative and life path of Nikolai Ostrovsky, readers of the city library No. 12 (Staraya Sogra) are getting acquainted with the exhibition "Always you will be a living example". The books of Nikolai Ostrovsky, memoirs of Soviet writers are presented. Special interest of the reader is shown to the book of a friend and wife of N.A .Ostrovsky  Ostrovskaya "Nikolai Ostrovsky" in the series of Life of wonderful people. With the youth, the employees conducted a number of conversations on the topics "Defeated tragedy", "The book that went around the world", "All life is a feat" and others.

L. Elizarova, a member of the urban society of book lovers, Titan. - 1979. - 29 November.

* * *

In honor of the anniversary

... The collective of library № 13 of Ust-Kamenogorsk organized a themed evening together with students of  CVTS  № 51.In his opening speech, N. Ostrovsky's life and career was characterized, he emphasized the influence he and his heroes had on contemporaries and on subsequent generations. The participants read excerpts from the novel How the Steel Was Tempered, letters from relatives, friends and friends to Ostrovsky, his letters. His favorite poems and musical works were written.

G. Hook, head. Scientific and methodical department of the region.  Library them. A. S. Pushkin // Rudny Altai. - 1979. - 29 November.

* * *

Libraries - the jubilee of the leader

«.... Propaganda of literature about the great initiative is supported by the demonstration of those achievements that have been achieved by the enterprise and the economy. In the Ust-Kamenogorsk city libraries No. 6 and No. 4 at the exhibitions devoted to the work of V.I.Lenin "The Great Initiative" presents materials on the development of socialist competition in factories and construction sites. "

Yu. Shurygina, director of the region. Library them. A.S.Pushkin // Rudny Altai.

* * *


Whenever I meet with Valentina Sergeeva Bugayeva, I do not cease to admire her enthusiasm for her favorite work, inexhaustible energy, optimistic attitude.
More than a quarter of a century ago Valya Bugaeva, a graduate of the Semipalatinsk library technical school, began to work in the city library No. 6 of the village of Ablaketka. Now this is one of the well-equipped micro-districts of Ust-Kamenogorsk, with multi-storey apartment houses, large industrial enterprises, schools, kindergartens, cultural and everyday life institutions. And then, in 1953, here, twelve kilometers from the city, among the majestic rocks, in the picturesque place of Irtysh, the construction of the Ust-Kamenogorsk hydroelectric power station, the energy of which was eagerly awaited by the largest enterprises of the Rudny Altai, was completed with shock rates.
Dozens of the most complicated problems that accompany each major construction were solved every day. It seemed that among these busy workmen people would not get to books. They really did not have much in the local library. And they were kept in a dilapidated, uncomfortable place, where it was always cold and gloomy. Beginning Valins walking: from the Department of Culture - in the village council, from the village - in the city, then - in the building organizations. She walked, argued, bothered, insisted, "punched". And here business has moved from a dead point: there was also a premise, both the equipment, and means for replenishment of the book fund. Since then, Valya Bugaeva and "boiled over" to the case, which became the meaning of her life.
Along with the growth of the village, the library grew and developed. Now it has become the focus of cultural, political enlightenment. Two and a half thousand inhabitants are its regular readers. In the library's fund thirty-four thousand copies of books, about eighty names of newspapers and magazines. Literature is given out on the house, and is read here in the bright, cozy hall of the library. Especially in crowded evenings, when readers' conferences, discussions about book novelties, press reviews, exhibitions of literature on actual topics are arranged.
Her passion for work, understanding of its usefulness, the need for people, Valentina Sergeevna sends to other employees of the library. For about twenty years Lyudmila Alekseyevna Vedyakina, a qualified specialist in librarianship, is an indispensable participant in all public events. In the energetic rhythm of the life of a small team, Raya Raisova, a recent high school graduate, and an ex-student of the Semipalatinsk library technical school, also actively joined. Everything in this team is done seriously, thoughtfully, with a great sense of responsibility, with concern for the results of their work, and most importantly - with the soul. This has been repeatedly noted in numerous reviews of readers who have learned the joy of communicating with the book.
In 1965, the library was awarded the honorary title of "Library of Excellent Work". The success of its activities is largely determined by close contacts with party, trade union, Komsomol organizations, business leaders, and the involvement of a broad public activist.
The central place in the work of the library is the propaganda of the works of the founders of Marxism-Leninism, Lenin's ideological heritage, decisions and materials of party congresses, books and speeches of Comrade L.and. Brezhnev, other leaders of the Communist Party and the Soviet state. Librarians understand well the importance of educating the working people on the best traditions of the past, on the experience of today, and therefore they make wide use of the opportunities inherent in the literature on Lenin, on the Communist Party and the Komsomol, on the labor exploits of our contemporaries. Always attract readers 'attention book exhibitions and thematic shelves, bibliographic reviews and conversations, evenings and readers' conferences on the topics "Lenin and Modernity", "Lenin's Covenants Are True", "The Great Initiative - 60", "Eastern Kazakhstan in the 10th Five-Year Plan" , "The way of life is Soviet", "Peace program is in action", "The basic law of our life", "Tselina - school of courage" and others.
A special theme in the work of the library is the study of local lore; The heroic history of our region, its remarkable people, is dedicated to the oral magazine "The Fire of Youth", the first issue of which - "By the native land" was prepared for the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. In fourteen subsequent editions the entire history of East Kazakhstan: "Banner of Soviets over the Rudny Altai", "Relay of Generations", "Fires of the Hydropower Plant on the Irtysh", etc. Rich content, strong emotional impact is the fifteenth issue of the magazine - "Rudny Altai - the land of Kazakh glory", dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Kazakh SSR and the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. Veterans of the Communist Party, who met with VI Lenin, DM Balakin and NS Gavrilenko, participants in the establishment of Soviet power in the Rudny Altai, PA Parmanov, and II Lenin were invited to the Ogonek. Danilov, the first Komsomol members of the region AI Lyakh, ID Kopylov, participants in the Great Patriotic War AG Blazhko, VV Pavlenko, Hero of the Soviet Union FS Kokorin and PKMiller, Party and Soviet workers, veterans of labor, leaders of production, representatives of the intelligentsia.
In each issue of the magazine, the Komsomol committees of enterprises, club employees actively participate.
For many years the library has a literary circle, whose permanent leader is the poet-songwriter, member of the Journalists Union FM Karbushev.In his classes, the circle students get acquainted with new poetic collections, the publication of poems in the pages of literary and art magazines, and with literary critical materials. Often, members of the circle K. Buzhinskaya, A. Baranova, S. Berezhnaya read their compositions. More than once their poems were heard on the regional radio, they were published in the newspaper "Rudny Altai", in the large-circulation and wall newspapers of enterprises. Litkrukovtsy - the first assistants of the library in the propaganda of the book. Readings conferences, evenings,
Meetings with local poets never do without, without their participation.
"A book for everyone who works" - this became the motto of the library's activities. In order to bring the book closer to the production sites, the delivery and transportation points at the Irtysh plant are open. "Gidrostalkonstruktsiya", production divisions of the trust "Vostokkazelsstroy-24", at the Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP.
The collective of the library lives with cares and interests of labor collectives, participates in all undertakings. Therefore, its assistance to public organizations in educating the communist attitude to work, disseminating best practices, and politically informing the working people is also effective. This is carried out on the basis of comprehensive plans for ideological and educational work, compiled in conjunction with party, trade union and Komsomol organizations.
Valentina Sergeevna can often be seen at production meetings, when commitments are made, the results of the socialist competition are summed up, and the advance is supported. This helps her to get to know the life of each collective, its needs and, therefore, to promote the book more objectively and purposefully.








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