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Открытие Coworking-центра в Центральной городской библиотеке

Photo report
On July 9, 2018 in the Central city library (22, Irtysh Embankment named after Slavsky) the ceremony of opening of librarian coworkiing was held. The participants: I. S. Unzhakova, Deputat of Mazhilis of Parliament of Republic of Kazakhstan, O.A. Bulavkina, executive Akim of Ust-Kamenogotsk, M.Sh.Еkibasova, the first Deputy chairman of Ust-Kamenogorsk branch of «Nur Oran» party,

administration and staff of «librarian system named after Oralkhan Bokey» of Ust-Kamenogorsk city akimat, businessmen, «activists in the field of culture, students and others. «Coworking is a new phenomena in our life. (In English it means» cooperative work», it is the city public area, which unites people for communications, study and creative work. The librarian coworking - the center in the Central city library is situated in a light hall, where we have all necessary equipment for a comfortable work, free Wi-Fi, fast internet, printers and scanners. Also library is ready to share information support to our users, because there is no better place for coworking than library is. Information search in the Internet doesn't always give accurate information, because there is no web service yet, which could replace competent librarian. Libraries have their own spirit of knowledge. Some young people go to the library to work in silence. In coworking center of the Central city library there is an opportunity to concentrate, to held small meeting and etc. To enter coworking center you need reader's card. Everyone can become library's reader.








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