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«Наследие Шакарима для потомков»

Photo report
There are names, which are written with gold in the cultural genetic code of the Nation. Among them there is the name of Shakarim Kudayberdiyev. On August 22 at 14.00 in the Central city library a round table, devoted to the 160-th anniversary of Kazakh poet, writer, translator, composer, historian and philosopher Shakarim Kudayberdiy will be held.

The aim of the event is: acquaintance with creative work in poetry, philosophy and translations. Shakarim Kudayberdiyev, Abay's follower was born on July 11, 1858 in Ken-Bulak Chingiz volost of Abay region, Semipalatinsk uezd in Tobykty genus, headed by Kunanbay, Kudayberdy's father, the elder brother of Abay. Shakarym's Mother - Tolebike, the daughter of Aldabergen from Karakesek genus. The works of Shakarim store the facts about his life and creativity. He survived two revolutions, the civil war, the formation of soviet Kazakhstan. He was persecuted and was treacherously killed. He was forgeted and his works were destroyed. For his life Shakarim created the extensive library with poetic and researching thought. He is the author of such poems as: «Калкаман-Мамыр» and «Енлик-Кебек», many poems and essays. His book «Зеркало казахов», poems «Калкаман-Мамыр» and «Енлик-Кебек», translations of Khafiz, Fizuli poem «Лейли и Меджнун» were published in 1913-1924 in «Абай», «Айкап», «Шолпан» magazines, in newspaper «Казах». A poetic translation of Pushkin's «Дубровский» and «Метель» were published in 1936 in Almaty in «Эдебиет майданы». 
ukcbsThe creative heritage of the poet is rich and today it becomes the material for researchers. During a round table the staff of local study department Abylgazinova G.T. and Kalanchina I.B. will tell about biography and work of Shakarim. Then the fragment of Mukhamedkhanov's film «Shakarim» will be demonstrated. At the literary party the writers Magzumov T., Pussep G. N., Matveeva N.S., Kantarbayev А.К., the honorable teacher of Kazakh SSR , Doctor of philology Zhubandykov A.Zh., the teachers of Russian, Kazakh languages and literature, members of «Shabyt», the representatives of mass media, librarians are invited. The book exhibition, devoted to Shakarim will be presented.









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