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Английский язык


Английский язык для детей и взрослых:
- английский с нуля;
- помощь с домашней работой.
Надоело учить английский годами? Вам сюда!
Обращаться по адресу: 
Набережная Иртыша имени Е. Славского, 22.
Телефон для справок: 25-17-70.
Запись по телефону: +7(708)1064381.

Electronic Document Delivery

Electronic Document Delivery Service offers a prompt delivery for copies of original books, newspaper articles, magazines and digests from the funds of our library.
Make an order and we’ll execute it within 24-48 hours. Format PDF (Acrobat). Copies are sent by e-mail.
The Department of electronic resources of Central city library (22, Irtysh Embankment named after Slavsky, tel. 25-17-70).

One country is one book

В 2017 году по решению жюри Республиканской акции «Одна страна – одна книга» главной книгой года для всеобщего чтения в Казахстане признаны произведения известного казахского поэта, писателя Султанмахмута Торайгырова.
Султанмахмут Торайгыров - поэт-демократ, писатель и философ, публицист и литературный критик, один из ярких представителей казахской литературы начала XX века.


In 2017, free access to the Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (RIEL) is provided, which integrates the electronic educational and scientific resources of the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
RIEL website: http://www.rmeb.kz
Search in RIEL can be done by author, title, language, keyword, academic disciplines and other search elements, information is presented in Kazakh and Russian languages.
Access to this resource is possible only from the computers of the Central City Library and the libraries-branches.


The Library Rules

In order to use the library service you should have a Reader’s Card. 
You need to have an identity card (passport, birth-certificate for school children) to join our library and to get a Reader’s Card. In order to use the LENDING ROOM SERVICE you have to show the place of residence reference taken from the Executive Committee of Flat Owners, Address Bureau).

Annually, on the 1st of January the library starts re-registration of the readers.


Readers of what ages can use your library? We serve users of all ages.

Can people from other towns and foreigners join the library if they have identity cards? Yes, they can. But if they want to borrow books from the Lending Room they have to leave deposit.

Is it possible to join the library if you don’t have identity card yet. You can only join the library according to your identity card or their guarantee.

How many times can the books from the lending room be prolonged ? They can be prolonged not more than twice.

How many books and periodicals can be borrowed?
Not more than 5 books and 5 items of periodicals.
How long can the reader keep the books ? The readers of the children’s library can keep the books for 10 days; the readers of the adult’s library can keep the books for 15 days.

How can the readers use media collection?
In order to borrow CD-ROM or video materials you have to leave deposit at the rate of their prices or pay for leasing.

How can the users borrow rare or valuable editions?
The users can only borrow rare or valuable editions if they leave pawn.

Can the readers of the CLS work with Internet resources?
At the Central Library the readers can use Internet-class service. Our consultants are ready to help you in your search.

Internet-class rules

You have to keep quiet.
• You are allowed to use a computer if you have basic computer skills .
• the User accounts for damaging a computer or soft work.
• All downloaded information can be kept in the files with manager’s permission. The files can be kept not more than for 3 days.
• Personal discs can be only used after checking for virus.
• The users can’t download programs, files and other materials by placing them in the computer.
• It is strongly prohibited to view “porno sites” , to keep unquotable pages
• The user, who does not follow the rules, are not allowed to use Internet.
• The library does not account for bad quality or out of connection.


We are in Networks







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From readers money box

Users are counted

Рейтинг@Mail.ru Яндекс.Метрика

Use of information

You have to point the source in the case you use the web-site information: "Web-site www.kitaphana.kz".

Partner Program

We invite the sites of libraries and other organizations to take a part in Partner Program to swap the references and registration in our catalogue of organization.

Advertisement on a website

If you want to put an advertisement on our web-site, or in our newspaper “Mereke-Prazdnik dlya vseh”, phone: +7 7232 25-03-64 or write on mail ukcbs@mail.ru