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You are welcome!

We are glad to welcome you on the site of CSI «The centralized library system named after Oralhan Bokei» of the akimat of Ust-Kamenogorsk city. Our library is not only a book storage of the region, but also a diversified center of information, research, methodological and local history work. We are open not only to our readers, but also to all remote users… We invite to dialogue and cooperation!

«Туған жер»

Photo report

On November, 17 at 14:30 in the Central City library (22, Irtysh Embankment named after Slavskiy) under the President’s Programming lines «Bolashakka bagdar: ruhani zhangyru» will be held the presentation of exhibition of East Kazakhstan artists E. Turganbaev and G. Belterdinova - the members of Kazakhstan artists’ Union.

To be continued...

«Старость меня дома не застанет»


14 ноября 2017 г. в гостиной Центральной городской библиотеки в рамках клуба «Очаг» прошёл вечер «Старость меня дома не застанет». На мероприятии, проведённом в виде комсомольского собрания, «заслушивалось» личное дело Ивана Никитовича Самойлова – писателя, автора 7 книг, депутата, бывшего директора школ города и области.


«Рухани жанғыру-ұлт болашағы»

Photo report
On November,8 2017 in the Central city library with the support of Department of culture and language development of Ust-Kamenogorsk within the framework of program of President «Болашаққа бағдар: Рухани жангыру. View to the future.

To be continued...

Welcome to mushajra (poetry competition)

On November, 8, 2017 at 14.00 the Central city library with the support of the Department of culture and language development in the framework of «View to the future: modernization of national conscience» program will organize a city poetry competition.

To be continued...

«100 new faces of Ust-Kamenogotsk»

We present you our new project «100 new faces of Ust-Kamenogotsk». There are 100 histories of concrete persons of our town, our readers of different ages and nationalities here. They  made their way during the years of Independence. In the program article «View to the future. Modernization of social conscience» President Nursultan Nazarbayev offered to make the project «100 new faces of Qazaqstan».


To be continued...

«The Calendar of significant and memorable dates»

Photo report

Local study is one of priority direction in the work of CSI «Oralkhan Bokey centralized library system of Ust-Kamenogorsk akimat». Annually the local study department of Central city library issues the calendar of significant dates in Russian and Kazakh languages.

To be continued...

Salon of Elena Kurbatova

Photo report

Once again a literary-music salon of Elena Kurbatova pleased our citizens. On October, 28 in the Central city library the concert, devoted to Robert Rozhdestvensky poetry was held.

To be continued...

Международные Чистяковские чтения - 2017

Photo report

On October, 25 the international contest, devoted to Chistyakov poetry was opened in the Central city library (22, Irtysh Embankment). During the first day the competition in reading and authors poetry was held.

To be continued...



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